“She has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday”

Are you asking yourself, “She has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday?” It may seem like a violation of the conventional norms of friendship and relationships.

Imagine this: a girl you’re fond of, despite being involved with someone else, connects with you regularly, almost religiously. 

This relationship thrives on a deeper level of understanding and companionship, which may be lacking in her romantic relationship

Now, in this post, “She has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday” 12 Reasons + More, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind why a girl may continue to communicate with you daily, despite being committed to someone else.

She Has a Boyfriend But Wants to Hang Out: What it means


What does it mean when she talks to me every day even though she has a boyfriend?”

When a girl with a boyfriend talks to you every day, it could mean a range of things from a simple friendship to seeking emotional support, or it might indicate deeper feelings or issues in her current relationship.

This situation can mean different things, depending on what’s going on:

Just Friends: She enjoys your company as a good friend.

Work Talk: Conversations might be work-related.

Needing Support: She sees you as emotional support.

More Than Friends?: Personal talks could hint at romantic feelings.

Crossing Lines?: Unintentional boundary crossing might occur.

Mixed Signals: What’s significant to you may be casual to her.

Trouble in Paradise?: She may seek comfort due to relationship issues.

We’ll dive deeper into these reasons and others below.


she wants to hang out but has a boyfriend

Why does she talk to you so much?

If a woman in a committed relationship talks to a guy every day, it could be for many reasons.

  • The woman may have a genuine friendship with the guy.
  • They may share common interests, hobbies.
  • Have a history of friendship that predates her current relationship.

Most importantly, maintaining friendships outside of a romantic relationship is normal and healthy.

Talking a lot doesn’t always mean someone likes you in a romantic way. Sometimes, it’s just about a strong friendship built on trust, helping each other, and liking the same things.

It’s crucial not to jump to conclusions or assume anything without open and honest communication.

If concerns arise, it’s best for the woman and her partner to have an open dialogue about boundaries.

Why She talks to you Even Though She has a Boyfriend

She might chat and flirt with you even if she has a boyfriend, maybe because she likes being friends or just enjoys hanging out with you. It’s important to know where the line is and to get that these situations can be tricky.

Read the 12 hints below to understand better.


1. You’re More Than Just a Friend to Her

Her feelings for you surpass the boundaries of a typical friendship

A trusted friend: Someone she trusts to share private thoughts without judgment

These are things she doesn’t quite find with her boyfriend.

Additionally, there’s a chance that you two resonate on the same frequency, sharing similar interests or hobbies. This can create a deeper connection between you two that is often priceless.

However, it’s crucial to respect her existing relationship, not crossing any boundaries.

There’s no harm in fostering a deeper friendship with her.

Action Steps:

  • Respect Her Relationship: Make sure your friendship doesn’t cross any lines. Also, offer a space where she feels safe to talk and trusted.

Signs You’re More than a Friend …

signs you're more than a friend

2. You’re a Great Listener When She Talks

She feels comfortable talking to you about her feelings and more

Now, here’s a thought…

Picture yourself as the world’s best radio – all ears, no judgment.

You both connect well, you like the same things, & really get each other


Action steps:

  • Stay Kind: Keep being understanding so she feels important and listened to.
  • Be Respectful: Make sure not to do or say things that could trouble her relationship.

3. She Enjoys Being YOUR Center of Attention

It feels great when she gets attention from guys and you

In this scenario, she might be engaging with you because she enjoys the attention she receives from her male friends.

Addressing this calls for a blend of levity and insight, recognizing the unique emotions and circumstances at hand.

She enjoys getting attention from men and feels empowered by it.

But, it’s like juggling on a unicycle – maintaining a respectful friendship while also respecting her romantic boundaries is crucial.

Action Steps:

  • Keep your communication crystal clear, like a pristine mountain stream.
  • Treat her romantic relationship and your friendship like two different dishes at a buffet – they might be on the same table, but they don’t need to mix.


4. Expanding Her Social Circle Is Important

She wants to connect with new people and you too.

It’s possible she might be reaching out to you as part of her quest to widen her social circle. But, she has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday.

It just might be …

  • That she needs an outlet to talk
  • Vent and hang out.
  • Also, an enjoyable camaraderie could be the binding factor here.

That’s it.

It’s perfectly normal for her to want to develop more friendships while also maintaining a romantic relationship.

She might be expanding her social life. Don’t take it too seriously.

Action Steps:

  • Keep the communication channels open, ensuring trust and transparency
  • Treat her relationship with the respect it deserves, even if she has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday

5. Somehow You Sparked Her Curiosity

Still wondering “She has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday”… We’ll, she might find your company intriguing, pushing her to understand you better.

This could be due to a shared history or simply the fun and enjoyment you bring into her life. There might be intricate dynamics, or tangled emotions at play.

She wants to know your on a deeper level

Now, by displaying genuine confidence, engaging in meaningful conversations, and showing sincere interest in her passions, a guy can easily spark a girl’s interest.

Action Steps:

  • Cherish the friendship. Always treat her relationship with respect and care.
  • Keep communication open, clear, and honest – nothing builds trust like transparency.

6. Your Opinion Matters in Her World

She trusts and values your perspective

It could be that she values:

  • Your relationship as friends.
  • She views you as a confidante.
  • You understand her differently than her partner does.

Alternatively, shared history between the two of you might have forged a deep bond and sense of loyalty. 

Your opinion matters to her because she values your perspective and seeks validation, affirmation, and a deeper connection maybe her boyfriend hasn’t offered.

Action Steps: when “she has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday”

  • Continue to provide a supportive and understanding environment for your friend.
  • Respect the boundaries of her committed relationship while nurturing your friendship.

How to tell a girl you like her?

We’ll guide you through the steps to build up your confidence, choose the right words, and express your feelings effectively. 

7. She’s Questioning Her Current Relationship

She may not be too happy and you’re an outlet

It’s not rare for individuals to foster close friendships with the opposite sex, even when they’re romantically involved with someone else. 

In this situation, she might be seeking a friend who can offer a fresh perspective on her relationship or provide a safe space for open discussion.

There might be a growing sense of dissatisfaction and a longing for a deeper emotional connection.

Action Steps:

  • Avoid jumping to conclusions and maintain an open mind about their relationship.
  • Encourage open and respectful communication within your platonic friendship.

      8. It’s Hard to Understand if it’s Something More

      You’re having a hard time with signals and ambiguity

      The ambiguity of two people’s interactions, mixed signals, and the fear of risking the existing dynamic makes it challenging to decipher if there’s a romantic connection.

      This intriguing situation of “she has a boyfriend but wants to hang out” could be because of many different reasons:

      • Such as an established friendship prior to her romantic relationship
      • Shared hobbies, or interests that her boyfriend doesn’t care about 

      Action Steps:

      giving me mixed signals

      9. Genuine Friendship is Her Ultimate Pursuit

      She’s ONLY interested in being your friend

      The friendship is what she values most and wants to maintain it because:

      • She might appreciate the emotional support you provide
      • Enjoy the unique bond you share
      • Don’t think about that she has a boyfriend but wants to hang out.
      • Don’t cross boundaries.

      Maybe they enjoy your company and see no issue in preserving the friendship. So, it’s crucial to uphold a healthy, respectful connection while being aware of their romantic involvement. 

      In the end, it’s down to the individuals to decide the best course of action

      Action Steps:

      • Embrace the complexity of the situation, keeping in mind the importance of respect and understanding.
      • Communicate openly to ensure everyone is comfortable and on the same page.
      what does she want

      10. She Might Only Be Stirring Up Emotions

      It feels like she’s trying to make her boyfriend jealous

      In this scenario, the one where she has a boyfriend but wants to hang out. We’ll, she could be using your bond to ignite a sense of jealousy in her boyfriend or perhaps enjoys the extra attention she gets from you.

      She might be intentionally stirring up emotions to:

      • Assess her own feelings
      • Explore her options
      • Gain a sense of control over the situation.

      As long as boundaries and intentions are as clear as a freshly cleaned window, a platonic friendship can enrich both of your lives.

      Action Steps:

      • Keep the conversation open: Talk about concerns so you’re both on the same page.
      • Set your boundaries: Make sure both of you are comfortable with the nature of your friendship.

      How to tell a girl you like her?

      We’ll guide you through the steps to build up your confidence, choose the right words, and express your feelings effectively. 

      11. She May Actually Have Feelings for You

      There’s room for potential romance

      Perhaps there’s more there, such as:

      • A deep emotional connection that overshadows any romantic spark.
      • She might find in you a unique support system, absent in her romantic relationship.
      • Or perhaps, like a catchy tune, you’re simply too enjoyable to ignore.

      Whatever’s behind it, the key to navigating these waters lies in maintaining a respectful and open connection. If both parties wear their hearts on their sleeves, a platonic friendship can flourish amidst any storm.

      So if you’re caught in this intriguing plot, savor the complexity and cherish the unique bond you share with your friend.

      Action Steps:

      “When we ‘catch feelings’, it’s our brain spinning a delightful dance of attraction and desire, an invitation to explore the magic of connection.”

      – Dr. Helen Fisher, Biological Anthropologist

      12. She’s Exploring New Possibilities

      She’s open to relationships beyond monogamy

      In today’s world, relationships are not always defined by traditional norms. Maybe She’s Interested in the Non-Monogamous Ride.

      In modern times, platonic friendships can sometimes dip a toe over the line of ‘traditionally acceptable’ when one or both friends are also romantically involved elsewhere. This can be a reason “she has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday”.

      But here’s the thing: Being open to exploring beyond the monogamy horizon is like venturing into a thrilling, uncharted territory.

      It’s an opportunity to experience your life in ways you may never have.

      Action Steps for ‘New Horizons’:

      • Keep communication wide open: Talk about your feelings and concerns.
      • “She has a boyfriend but wants to hang out”. Understand and respect boundaries.

      “I like a girl who has a boyfriend”

      The Dilemma of Liking a Girl in a Relationship 

      Understanding Emotional Responses

      The feelings of liking someone are involuntary, and they often arise unexpectedly. 

      The reasons could be endless – perhaps you share common interests, have spent quality time together, or you simply feel a deep connection.

      The Challenge of Control

      It’s crucial to remember that this situation isn’t unusual.

      There may be an instinct to blame oneself, but emotions, especially those concerning affection and attraction, aren’t fully under our control.


      The Importance of Emotional Management

      • Acknowledge feelings
      • Understanding them
      • Managing them appropriately is essential
      her feelings for you

      The Ethical Implications 

      Respecting Existing Relationships

      It’s vital to consider the ethical implications of your feelings and potential actions. 


      The Balance between Desire and Respect

      • At the same time, ignoring your feelings could lead to emotional distress.
      • A balanced approach involves respecting the boundaries of the existing relationship while taking care of your emotional well-being.

      The Value of Open Dialogue

      • If you and the person you’re interested in are close, it might be worthwhile to discuss your feelings honestly,
      • Ensure you’re not overstepping or creating discomfort.

      Friendship or Romance? Study Reveals Key Differences

      In the study “Interpersonal chemistry in friendships and romantic relationships,” researchers explored how people feel when they meet someone new and whether these feelings are friendly or romantic.

      Here’s a simple breakdown:

      Feeling a Connection: When you meet someone and instantly get along well, enjoying each other’s company and being open with each other, that’s a sign of a special connection or chemistry.

      Friendship vs. Romance:

      • Friendship: If you share a lot of common interests and enjoy hanging out but don’t feel romantically attracted, it’s likely a friendship. It’s about comfort and shared experiences.
      • Romance: If, along with liking them, you feel a strong physical attraction or think about them in a romantic way, it might be more than friendship.

        Women’s Perspective: The study found that women often value emotional connections in friendships and look for shared interests in romantic relationships.

        So, if you’re wondering about your feelings for someone and saying “she has a boyfriend but wants to hang out”, think about whether you’re just comfortable and happy around them (friendship). Or, if there’s an extra spark of romantic interest. This study helps in understanding these feelings better.

          Top FAQ’s Answered When She’s Taken

          “I like a girl with a boyfriend. Should I tell her?” Telling a girl you like her when she’s already in a relationship can be complicated. Think about how it might affect both your friendship and her current relationship, and if you decide to tell her, do so with honesty and respect for her situation.

          “I have feelings for my friend who has a boyfriend. What now?” It’s important to respect her current relationship. Consider taking some time to reflect on your feelings and focus on other aspects of your life; if your feelings remain strong, you might need to have an open conversation with her.

          “She flirts with me but has a boyfriend. What does it mean?” Flirting can be confusing, especially when the person is already in a relationship. It’s best to talk to her about her behavior to understand her intentions, always keeping in mind the importance of respecting her relationship.

          “Can we stay friends if I admit my feelings to her?” Admitting your feelings to a friend who is in a relationship is a big step that can change the dynamics of your friendship. If you choose to tell her, do it kindly and be prepared for any outcome, understanding that strong friendships can often withstand difficult conversations.

          “She talks to me about her problems but has a boyfriend. Is this okay?” It’s common for friends to confide in each other about problems. If you feel uncomfortable or think boundaries are being crossed, it’s important to have a conversation with her to ensure the friendship remains healthy and respectful of her relationship.

          “Is it okay to hang out with her even though she has a boyfriend?” Spending time with someone who has a boyfriend is generally okay as long as it’s clear that it’s just friendship. Be mindful to keep your interactions appropriate and transparent to avoid misunderstandings or affecting her relationship.

          “Girl likes me but has a boyfriend” 4 Steps to Consider

          A girl you’re close to seems to have a soft spot for you, but there’s one problem – she already has a boyfriend.


          Step 1: Acknowledge Your Feelings

          It’s important not to push your feelings away or pretend they don’t exist. Emotions are a normal part of everyone’s life. Try to figure out what you’re feeling and why. Writing in a journal, chatting with a close friend, or talking to a counselor can really help you understand and manage your emotions better.

          This way, you’re taking care of your emotional health, which is really valuable.


          Step 2: Define the Boundaries

          You’ve got a good grasp on your feelings, but it’s crucial to establish clear boundaries.

          Remember, there’s a fine line between being a supportive friend and infringing on someone else’s relationship.

          Be clear about what you’re okay with and ask the girl to respect these limits. This helps avoid any wrong behavior and keeps the friendship you both like.

          Step 3: Communicate, But be Cautious

          Having defined the boundaries, it’s time to take the bold step:

          Talk about the obvious signs you’ve noticed that might mean more than friendship. But be careful and kind about it. Share what you’re feeling, without blaming. If she feels the same, suggest she talks about it with her boyfriend to keep things open and honest in her relationship.


          Step 4: Prepare for All Possible Outcomes

          Finally, brace yourself for all possibilities. This could go in many different directions. 

          Whatever the outcome, it’s crucial to respect her decision. If it doesn’t turn out as you had hoped, remember: you are more than this situation.

          What people think if a girl has a boyfriend but hangs with you?

          the girl i like has a boyfriend
          i like a girl but she has a boyfriend
          why she hangs out with you

          Summarized: Navigating the Situation 


          The Role of Introspection

          “She has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday”.  First, introspection is essential.

          Understanding your feelings, their intensity, and their implications can help clarify what you should do next.

          If your feelings are fleeting or superficial, it may be best to step back and allow them to fade. Or, speak to a professional.


          Respecting Boundaries and Expanding Horizons

          If you’re feelings are deep and persistent, respectful communication could be an option.

          However, it’s crucial to respect the person’s relationship status and feelings. It’s also beneficial to expand your social circle and meet new people, as this can provide fresh perspectives and opportunities.


          Prioritizing Personal Growth

          And above all, prioritizing personal growth and emotional health is key.

          It’s important to recognize that even if this situation doesn’t result in a romantic relationship, it can still be an opportunity for emotional learning and growth.

          What else you can do right now

          Also, Download our Tool Kit for free (mini-course, social blueprint, and more) Prepare more when you go out to socialize.

          We think if you join our community or read a few more blog posts, you won’t be saying, “she has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday.” Or maybe, “she wants me but has a boyfriend.” Or, “she has a boyfriend but wants to hang out”

          But, you’ll feel more confident, and prepared and you’ll know what to do next, especially, when it comes to socializing and relationships.

          Talk to a professional if still confused

          If you need help managing your feelings talk to someone who has expertise in this situation. They can dive deep and give you the right tools to say the right things and cope with anxiety. 

          Get 20% off your session here. 

          therapy for social anxiety
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