How to make a conversation interesting?

How to make a conversation interesting? It’s actually easier than you think. However, it can be hard when the person you’re talking to isn’t engaging or the topics are boring. When starting a conversation or attempting to make a conversation interesting, you should always strive to be genuinely interested in the person you’re talking to. It’s also important to be authentic.

So, how to make a conversation interesting without preparing or practicing social skills? We’ll just change how you ask questions. Most importantly, sincerely be interested and ask open-ended questions. That’s it!

Remember, there is no magic question or special skill you need to have. However, we do recommend having a few questions memorized to guide you when talking to people questions and when in different social situations.

Now, the only thing to do starting today is get better! Below we have several tips you can use to improve how you ask questions and examples of questions to get people to open up and for you to seem more interested. Lastly, be able to answer simple questions about yourself without hesitation. You got this!

Now, let’s learn how to make a conversation interesting! 

1. Stop asking basic questions, use high quality


Examples of safe and generic questions are “Where are you from?” or “Where did you go to college?”. These are fine to get started but not to keep things interesting.

Also, it’s easy and feels safe to ask generic questions when you’re getting to know someone, or even while catching up with old friends. But, if you want to have a more interesting conversation, and dive deep into people’s lives, a deeper level, it’s important to go beyond the generic and safe questions. Asking questions about people’s interests, experiences, and passions can reveal a lot more about their personalities. It can create an exciting and engaging conversation both of you can enjoy. Also, take a look at some charming strategies to hold a conversation.

Remember, it all starts with the questions you ask, the tone you use, and also a little bit of a spark, also know as compatibility. 

2. Make the conversation fun and more in-depth

It can be fun to ask questions that are a bit out of the ordinary for you and whoever you’re talking to. Also, you may be surprised at the answers you receive and the conversation that follows. Instead of asking what someone what they do for a living, try asking them what they’re most passionate about. Or, instead of asking what kind of music they like, ask them what they would bring with them on a desert island.

So, next time you’re looking for ways to make your conversations more interesting, go beyond the generic and safe questions to create an engaging dialogue and get to know someone on a deeper level and make it fun!

3. Adjust conversation starters based on social context

Now, remember, based on who you’re talking to and what kind of social context you’re in it’s important to adapt what you say. For example, if you’re at a party, take a look around and find something interesting to talk about such as the decorations or something that happened earlier. You can also ask about hobbies or interests that the person has, or even inquire about their job.

When it comes to conversation starters, the key is to be able to adjust and adapt based on who you’re talking to and the social context. This means that you’ll need to think outside of the box and pay attention to your environment. One way to do this is by observing your surroundings and using them as cues for good conversation topics.

4. Be mindful of people’s feelings and experiences

Ask open-ended questions that allow people to tell their stories and feel heard. Moreover, make sure you’re listening intently and responding with thoughtful comments. By displaying interest and enthusiasm in what they have to say, they will feel valued and appreciated.

Adjusting your conversation starters based on who you’re talking to and the social context is essential in becoming a great conversationalist. Pay attention to your environment, ask open-ended questions, listen intently, and respond with thoughtful comments. With practice, you’ll master the art of conversation in no time! If you’re not mindful of people’s feelings, it can turn a conversation into a negative experience. This is not how to make a conversation interesting.

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5. Strive to impress people with above-average questions

It can be difficult to come up with interesting questions to ask and topics to discuss, especially on the spot. You can’t memorize dozens of questions. So, start by doing some research on the person or people you’ll be talking to, or about the event. Use this as a guide to ask questions that can help you get to know the other person better, while also demonstrating you’re invested in their thoughts and opinions.

6. Don’t forget to talk about lighter topics too

Asking about someone’s favorite hobby or what type of music they listen to can also help break the ice and make for a more enjoyable conversation. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and ask some thought-provoking questions! With practice and preparation, you’ll be well on your way to making meaningful connections with others.

7. Share something slightly personal about yourself

If you’re still asking, “how to make a conversation interesting?” We’ll, one of the most popular tips to make a conversation more interesting is to let the other person do most of the talking, however, people also want to know who YOU ARE. So, don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and open up about yourself.

Most importantly, when we share personal things with each other, we bond faster, and a relationships develops faster. This makes for a more interesting conversation and a more meaningful interaction. 

8. Asking an opinion can always make things interesting

It’s often more stimulating to talk about opinions and ideas than facts. Also, most people like to be asked for their opinions. The most interesting conversation usually stems from opinions or “What if?” So, if you’re wondering, “how to make a conversation interesting?” asking for an opinion can make you conversation more interesting and fun. It can give you a look at who this persona is good or not so good.

“What are your thoughts about …”

“I’d love to hear the reasons you like living here in NYC?” 

#9. Don’t be afraid of being a little random

Now, keep in mind what the social situation is and conversations depend on where you are or what social context it is. So, being a little random means, having fun asking spontaneous questions or talking about odd (appropriate) conversation topics. Next, use whatever is around you, the event you’re at, and talk about what the other person is wearing to start a conversation. Or, just ask a random question or talk about a random topic. Below are a few examples:

“I love your shoes. Do you mind sharing where bought them?”

“Your lunch looks delicious. Did you make it yourself?”

“Beautiful weather isn’t it? I can’t wait to go to the beach.”

If you say almost anything with confidence you’ll be able to create and start a conversation with momentum. If you want to learn more about social confidence get our free social tools here!

#10. The most interesting topic is … THEM

One method that will improve conversation skills is something we call the TAT method. It’s a strategy to improve small talk with people which means, Talk About Them. This is an easy way to remember that people like talking about themselves. Talking about them means, exploring who the person you’re talking to is.

Who are they, what do they do, and why are they there?

The questions below are examples of using the TAT method to extend a conversation and take it to a deeper level.

What are some personal projects you’re working on outside of your job?
Any thoughts about today’s meeting?
Did you have any highlight this week?
What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Example questions to make a conversation interesting

Fun conversation starters, Make things interesting

  1. What is your favorite Netflix show? Tell me about it.
  2. What are some of your future travel plans?
  3. What type of music or songs puts you in a good mood?

Deep Conversation Questions, Get to know someone better

  1. What are some personal projects you’re working on?
  2. What are you looking forward to this weekend?
  3. Tell me more about your family. What was it like growing up in [location]?

If you’re feeling adventurous, A few funny conversation starters

  1. What would your theme song be while walking to work and why?
  2. Which celebrity would you have dinner with and why?
  3. How many days do you think it takes you to scroll a mile on your phone? One day? One week?

Conversations for business, Conversation starters for networking

  1. Have you tried any of the food? What’s good here? What do you recommend?
  2. What did you get done today at work?
  3. I’d love your input on this. Should I have [appetizer #1] or [appetizer #2]? It’s the most important decision I’ve had to make today.

 Casual Conversation Starters, Build a bond with people you meet

  1. How’s your [day/night] going? Going as you expected?
  2. Do you have a go-to conversation starter for these types of events?
  3. Did you hear about how some dinner party hosts are banning small talk? What do you think of that?

Lastly, sometimes the most powerful way to start a conversation is simply saying, “Hi, my name is ______”. Then have an open-ended question ready to go and you’ll start the greatest conversation of your life.

More examples: How to make a conversation interesting? 

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What you can do right now

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But, you’ll feel more confident, and prepared and you’ll know what to do next, especially, when it comes to socializing. 

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