Communicate better than 95% of people. A brand new you in 5 minutes after reading this. Easy tips below!

First, get out of your head. Leave and don’t come back.

What I mean, is you’re overthinking it. Relax and breath.

If you feel anxious or overwhelmed by the fact you might make a fool of yourself, that’s OK.

The majority of people you talk to won’t care! Don’t believe me … Read below …

You’re not in the spotlight: Sorry, you’re not the main attraction. As I mentioned most people don’t care what you say as much as you think.

The phenomenon, called the “spotlight effect,” refers to the fact that people considerably overestimate how much attention other people are paying to them.

If you blank out or have a coffee stain on your shirt, Don’t worry! No one will notice as much as you do.

Be like a lifeguard: Besides lifeguards looking like models and slapping sunscreen on their backs, they must effectively scan the water or be professional observers to make sure swimmers are safe.

Be like a lifeguard and scan the people around you.

What do you see?! What do you observe?!

Use what you observe or notice as a conversation starter.

“Oh, nice shoes” “Hey, isn’t the food great?” “What a beautiful view.” “I love your makeup!” Etc, etc, etc, etc. The next time you’re in a room, just notice things.

Practice here! Look below, what do you notice in the picture? What do you observe? What would you comment on? Try it!!

Last but not least, and one of the easiest, and one of my favorite ways of speaking more conversation is:

Learning an interesting fact: Learn to obtain information about different topics fast.

Here’s one …

McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli. WTF?! What were they thinking. But, an interesting fact, right?!

Impress people with what you’ve learned!

Get good at learning quick and finding information fast so you can talk about interesting things, in your conversations.

Boom! That took less than 5 minutes to read. Now go talk to people! You got this.

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