Imagine you’re on a date and suddenly the person you really like doesn’t seem to be interested in you anymore.

Or, maybe you’re having lunch with a business partner and they say something that makes the rest of the meeting awkward.

I think we’ve all had one of these moments with someone. Or, maybe WE ARE that person.

Here are some behaviors that are huge turnoffs or will instantly demagnetize someone’s personality. Avoid these behaviors during any conversation.

Needing to be right is not worth the struggle.

Always needing to be right or correcting others about minor things will leave you with one friend.

People who have to be right find themselves alone and isolated from groups of friends, colleagues or families. They hold on to their righteous ideology and opinions so tightly that no one can have a reasonable dialogue with them.

We sometimes mindlessly choose to win an argument at the cost of damaging our relationships.

If you have a friend who always likes to right, take them to trivia night at the local bar.

Being a one upper.

Have you ever told a story and it impressed your friends? But then someone else, says, “We’ll let me tell you this story…”

For example, you went to Japan for your vacation but he went to Hawaii. You went for two weeks but he went for three. You stayed in a four-star hotel, but he stayed in a five-star resort. You get the idea.

One-Uppers delight in making other people feel “less than” by pointing out how their lives are better or even worse than yours in every way.

Don’t be a one upper. Walk away slowly.

Not smiling. It doesn’t make you look cooler.

According to Kim Kardashian, not smiling is the secret to good skin.

But, since we’re here to talk about becoming more likable, you may want to become best friends with your dentist instead. Especially since numerous studies show that making the most of your smile can be good for you, and everyone around you.

Relationship expert, Dr. Jess Cabino who worked at Tinder and now Bumble says that she’s found smiling boosts your chances of matching with someone. The stronger the smile, the more attractive a face looked.

Change your profile picture now!

If you want to attract people, smiling will do the trick! It signals friendliness and encourages positive interactions.

People will be drawn to you because you look happy. Even a forced smile can lead to a mood boost.

One of the best ways to become magnetizing is to smile.

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