There are 2 consequences of avoiding social situations. You won’t be able to:

1. Build up your confidence in talking with others.

2. Develop strong social skills to increase the chance for positive relationships.

Pro Tip: People aren’t born with great social skills; they learned through trial and error, making mistakes, and constant practice.

Easy ways to develop good social skills:

Interact with more socially skilled people

One of the best ways to gain social skills is through modeling others. You interact with people who have good social skills, you study their mannerisms and you learn from them. Socially skilled individuals are an unlimited source of wisdom.

Work on specific goals

Setting specific goals and working on them is the best way to get results. Pick one or two specific social and work on them daily. Once you’ve made enough progress, advance to other interpersonal skills.

As your social skills build, you’ll feel more confident and connect easier with others.

Read body language like a book

Some research says, 97% of communication is unspoken. This means our looks, our body language, and the way we carry ourselves says much more than the words coming out of our mouth.

Learning other people’s “micro-expressions,” which are subtle signs of changes in mood, help us to understand others far more.

Try it! Watch people and guess what they’re thinking.

Have conversation starters in your back pocket

This is a great tip to use if you’re uncomfortable in new social situations. Simply have a few good conversation starters, open-ended questions, or stories in your back pocket. This will help you prevent any awkward silences and give you more confidence in random situations.

Encourage others to talk about themselves

Most people really enjoy talking about themselves. Ask a question about a person’s career, hobbies, or family. Show you’re interested in hearing what they’re saying. If you want to keep the conversation going, think of it like playing ping pong. Bounce ideas and topics back and forth.

You got this!

The social skill tips above will help you improve your conversations and overall communication with people. Let us know how it goes!

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