To become a great communicator, create friends, lasting relationships, and to move forward in your career, it’s very important to learn how to communicate. This is obvious but it’s definitely a lot harder to put into practice, and a lot of the communication we do on a daily basis starts with having a simple conversation.

Creating a conversation, communicating your feelings, and making it last without any awkward moments takes practice.

But before we even get into actually understanding the dynamics of having a conversation we’re going to talk about the first step in becoming a good communicator.

The first step to becoming a good communicator…Know Yourself.

Self-awareness is about understanding your own needs, desires, failings, habits, and everything else that makes you tick. The more you know about yourself, the better you are at adapting life changes that fit your needs.

Our first question to you is, are you and introvert or extrovert?

I think it’s important to know because it can be a first basic step to understanding how you communicate and how to manage people around you. I think this will help you get started in discovering who you are as a communicator.

Most people have a general idea of what introversion and extroversion is but can be confusing. The general idea is you’re either very outgoing (extroversion) or very quiet (introversion). But, it’s not black and white. There is a spectrum and both extravert and introvert can be similar or very different. Let’s talk about it and see if you have some similarities or preferences.

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Here are some questions to ask to help you get to know yourself better:

What is holding you back?

Have you ever asked yourself what holds you back in your conversations or interactions with people?

What is holding you back from relating with people?

Is it not knowing how to start the conversation?

Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing, not feeling good enough?

Anxiety or being afraid of what someone might think of you can significantly hold a person back in any situation, especially communication.

Understanding what holds you back can really start your journey to becoming a great communicator. This can put you ahead of a lot of people who aren’t self-aware or want to take on a challenge.

Here’s another question…What makes you happy, what’s your spark?

Again, this part is all about being aware and knowing yourself. This can be hardest part of getting to yourself, finding out what you’re great at, what your strengths are. When you do find those strengths and passions, use those in your communication to relate to people. When you are excited an enthusiastic about a topic it shows all over, you become more confident just by being knowledgeable, comfortable in your own skin and enjoying the moment.

The first step isn’t about talking or some strategy, it’s about YOU! Knowing YOU, and being OK with where you’re at during the journey.